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International Insurance Broker GmbH is a national and international marine insurance broker, located in Hamburg



GREEN P offers you the full range of marine insurance products for your vessel / fleet / cargo



Here you find news, topics, interesting and information from the maritime industry



GREEN P takes over all claim related tasks in your interests


Welcome to the website of GREEN P International Insurance Broker GmbH
based in Hamburg, Germany.


Here, we would like to give you a first insight into our company philosophy and present our product range.

Insurance means confidence! Confidence in your commercial stability and your uninterrupted ability to operate your business in the case of a claim, whatever the circumstances.

Our mission at GREEN P starts exactly at this point. Right from the outset, we wish to help you consolidate your financial situation prior to any claims occurring, by working out a tailor made insurance concept together with you, that meets your individual needs and to place this cover at an attractive rates of premium with reliable underwriters.

We, at GREEN P know from experience that insurance is very much a person related and service oriented business. We wish to convince you that by using our services you can be sure you can always talk to a qualified, responsible and caring business partner, who will stand by you when help is most needed.

We strongly believe this is your right and fundamentally, that’s what you are paying for in the end. We, at GREEN P are fully aware of this expectation and with experience, professionality and passion we will take all steps to meet this expectation.

We would like to take the opportunity to prove to you what we understand by providing an excellent and amicable service, where service always means a symbiosis of ability and the willingness to meet your needs. Not only do we provide our clients with appropriate cover for their risks and find adequate solutions to current problems  -  but in particular we pride ourselves on providing proper claims handling and support whenever claims occur.

We would be delighted to serve you in your marine insurance needs and convince you of the benefits of our philosophy and approach!



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GREEN P International
Insurance Broker GmbH

Visiting Address:
Hohe Bleichen 8
20354 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 40 - 380 433 92

Fax: +49 (0) 40 - 380 433 93


GREEN P International Insurance Broker GmbH

... is a national and international insurance broker, located in Hamburg, Germany which specializes in the field of marine insurance.

Nowadays, multiple broker mergers are commonplace, creating globally operating mega brokers, which sometimes obviously put more effort into their corporate identity than traditionally providing great service for their customers. This attitude makes the relationship between broker and customer feel more and more anonymous; with unpleasant consequences for yourself, the policy holder:

You are very often only a statistic and you are treated as one, too.

GREEN P wants to make a contribution to counteract this growing lack of service.